Abigail Avery

Textiles in Practice

The concept behind my final project stems from an initial interest in sustainability by creating hand-made natural pigments from found objects such as rocks and berries from coastal areas near my home town, I was able to create an initial series of paintings which inspired my final design collection. Inspired further by the shapes and surface textures these created led me to explore further inspiration from weathered worn surfaces created by rust and decay. 

A passionate materialist, I enjoy exploring the relationship between cloth and process. As a printed textile designer, I have enjoyed exploring my practice through a combination of both hand and digital processes. It is this investigation of cloth through process that drives my practice. 

I have created a bespoke collection of designs for an interior context - creating a range of original one-off textile pieces alongside a collection of more commercial repeat designs. 

My goal post graduation is to initially work within the print design industry to gain direct experience within the field whilst deferring studying for post graduate in Sweden at the University of Boras.

Tags: Colour, Handmade, Linen, Print, Process, Screen Print, Surface Design

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