Aimee Woodcock

Fine Art

My practice is formed around ideologies surrounding the body and the mortality of the self; I utilize characteristics of the bodily form to inform and conceptualize the relationship between life and death.

I’m influenced greatly by a number of contemporary artists whose work encapsulates the sculptural form and the skill to amplify the materialistic nature of their chosen medium, artists such as Berlinde de Bruckeyere strategically uses a variety of media such as wax, wood and hair to produce a unsettling, reconfigured concept of the body.

More recently within my own works I have discovered the translucent quality of wax as a material and it’s ability to eerily mirror the surface of the skin, using oil paints to colour the wax once melted allows me to build up layers upon various forms created out of both wax and clay to represent my own conceptions surrounding the human form.

Tags: Abject, Body, Ceramic, Clay, Colour, Conceptual, Contemporary, Death, Fineart, Form, Life, Mixedmedia, Mortality, Oilpaint, Photography, Representation, Sculpture, Skin, Wax, Wood

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