Aislinn Finnegan

Textiles in Practice

As a mixed-media student, with a focus on illustration, my work is an afro-futuristic personal response to the perceived lack of representation of black women that I have come across over various forms of media and art. 

As a woman of mixed-race heritage (Zambia and Ireland) I concentrate on concepts of race, identity, and femininity in an attempt to disseminate and celebrate aspects of black culture and beauty in an art world dominated by “Western” concepts and aesthetics.

The women in my portraits reflect versions of myself and other BAME women around me in a way that portrays them as elite and as ornately decorated as possible. In my work, I endeavor to challenge racial stereotypes, connect to my roots, and reference various African Diasporic art forms - specifically adornments such as jewelry, makeup, and hairstyles, both traditional and contemporary.

Tags: African Adornments, Afro-futurism, Black Girl Magic, Black Hair, Portraiture

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