Alexandra Daniels

Textiles in Practice

I have enjoyed exploring a wide variety of processes and materials during my woven textiles specialism and have grown very passionate about the industruy. I have often been inspired by nature and enjoy working with bright colours and textures. Most of my collections feature yarn that I have dyed myself and I try to be as experimental as I can to incoporate fancy yarns and ribbons.

A lot of my practice has been inspired by work placements at Wallace Sewell and Margo Selby, and a colaboration with Portabello Interiors has helped to develop my professional conduct. My portfolio is both experimental and commerical, and portrays my ability to adapt to different briefs and pallets. I am eager to persue design roles within my specialism and have expeirence at working to both interiors and fashion contexts. 

Tags: Fabric, Fashion, Interios, Textiles, Weave, Woven, Yarn

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