Alexandra Sigley

Master of Architecture MArch

This scheme focuses on the resuscitation of an existing community theatre in the city of Catania. It proposes a new building that is connected to the place, permeable to the community and flexible for a range of performance typologies. Externally, the elevation references the proportionality of the context, utilises the precedent of patterns and appropriates a bronze materiality. The chosen material corresponds to Catania’s typology of black basalt stone, pale limestone and terracotta through matching the colour tones. Internally, the theatre’s layout is comprised of the ‘street’, the main route through the building which is consistent on every level. Located in the centre of the plan, the auditorium features 158 retractable seats. The supporting rooms are positioned along the edges of the plan. Overall, the design intends to strengthen the position of the theatre by designing spaces that enable a range of performance related uses for the local community.

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