Amber Davenport

Textiles in Practice

Inspired by nature and folklore, my work hopes to promote a feeling of nostalgia which I have developed through colour research and the use of traditional printing methods. As a Textile Print designer I focus primarily on hand processes, specialising in screen-printed fabrics for interiors.

My practice suggests a subversive mood towards a digital age, which I aim to achieve by promoting the materiality and sentimentality of a hand printed fabric. I use a stencilling technique to print my fabrics. Hand-cut stencils produce an imperfect aesthetic which enables me to create happy accidents, using my instincts rather than sticking to a pre planned design.

Post graduation I plan to develop as a printed textile designer both via my own practice and by gaining experience within the industry.

Tags: Folklore, Handprinted, Screen Print, Surface Pattern, Textiles

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