Amy Pham

Textiles in Practice

I am a textile designer specialising in printing of interiors, homeware and giftware. My work has always been inspired by my emotional feelings, while glancing at the beautiful as well as tranquil nature. When expressing “What is on my mind” I use primarily the tones of colours to highlight the feelings I am experiencing at that particular moment to efficiently deliver my work to the audience. My project has been based on the development of my interest in the concept of “rhythm in the colour and gesture”. I enjoy working with a range of printing techniques such as hand painting direct onto fabric, screen and digital printing. The work I produce is mainly abstract, focusing on colour and mark making onto a range of heavy weight interior fabric.

After graduating I am aiming to continue in building my portfolio design as postgraduate in MA Textile in Practice court. 

Tags: Interior Design Homedecor, Wallpapers

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