Andrew Scoles

Master of Architecture MArch

Over the next decade, 4000 UK schools will become unsuitable with a 10% increase in pupils entering secondary education. By reimaging all publicly owned nurseries, primary, secondary and further education sites, the City of Manchester could meet 77% of GMSF’s requirement for 2035; 42,444 homes.

The project demonstrates that the public-sector could redevelop their non-domestic assets into higher-density mixed-use communities. An existing 7500sqm 2FE Primary School site (53.49°N 2.26°W, Salford) has been re-imagined to provide 135 additional homes (23% social) and unlock 1750sqm of further development land whilst not compromising external space. The marriage grants access to shared assets and nurtures social capital to prolong life, reduce loneliness and ease public services.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or career opportunities.

Tags: Affordability, Capital, Design, Education, Housing, Local Authority, Mixed Use, Nursery, Policy, Primary, Residential, School, Social, Supply, Welfare

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