Audrey Albert


Audrey Albert’s research-led practice enables her to consider and investigate themes of national identity, tradition, and denial. Building narratives around specific artifacts and around The Chagos Archipelago as an invisible location, Albert’s work draws attention to the aftermath of colonialism and the struggles of the Chagossian community.

Matter out of place is about hidden truths, concealment and forced displacement. It sheds a light on an unfair and shameful page of Mauritian and British history in which the entire population of The Chagos Archipelago was forcefully displaced from their homeland due to political agendas between 1968 – 1973. As a native of the island of Mauritius, with Chagossian origins, Audrey Albert looks at Chagossian culture and history through food, music, objects and souvenirs.

Tags: Artefacts, Constructed Narrative, Constructed Photograhy, Culture, Displacement, Heritage, History, Home, Installation, Photography, The Chagos Archipelago

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