Ben Wayles

Landscape Architecture

During my second year of Landscape Architecture studies, I have been looking at the use indeterminate sites under the theme of Periphery. Indeterminate sites are spaces that are in-between development or use and are ubiquitous throughout settlements. I have proposed a tool-kit method of first defining function, then unique temporary interventions to introduce in response to site and community. The interventions are all temporary and intend to follow the cycle of experiment, incubate and transfer. Experimenting allows things to be tested to understand success and failure. Incubation of successful interventions allows them to thrive and develop. Whilst transference ensures that, although the site is temporary, the impact of the process can be introduced to new sites and new communities. This system is transferable to any location and can be directed by the end user and communities.

Tags: Architecture, Design, Environment, Experiment, Landscape, Temporary

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