Chloe Ing

Textiles in Practice

I am a mixed media designer specialising in interior structures with a primary focus on reflections of shape, colour and material selections. This is achieved through the unique use of materials including Perspex, plastic and netting.

Inspired by Manchester’s ever-changing architecture, this project is based around contemporary reflections, shapes and structures. My practice emphasises linear and repetitive patterns within both the interior and exterior of the buildings. This process led me to enhance this further through the exploration of colour, experimenting with hand dying Perspex to achieve different colour strengths through reflection’s. My work demonstrates professionality twinned with an optimistic and modern vibe. It consists of diverse flexible structures which have the ability to be manipulated to suit the environment. Alongside creating the structures, photography holds a key part within my practise, to strengthen the visual aspect of them.

Tags: Installation, Interior, Mixedmedia, Structure

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