Christabel Winter-Moore

Textiles in Practice

My surface designs tend to be an eclectic celebration of all things quirky. Primarily I design surface patterns that are typically used within the field of home interiors. Initially, I collect visual information from everywhere and everything, fusing different themes and elements to create lively and original surface designs for an eclectic range of surfaces. My work often includes collaging and re-working existing images paying particular attention to colour and detail, which I explore, manipulate and experiment with before preparing for digital print. My latest work is a study of seaside related imagery - including the great post-war British seaside holiday at its height in the 1950s. This latest collection exemplifies my innovative approach and my celebration of worldly life eccentricities. After graduating I aim to continue to work as a surface pattern designer in the print and design industry and welcome future opportunities to collaborate and make for commissions.

Tags: Print Design

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