Daisy James

Textiles in Practice

Data is my tool, medium and material for telling stories. Responding empathically to numbers, I am drawing with data, exploring non-linear storytelling by layering multiple visual narratives. Developing a visual language, I tell the tales of the human beings behind the data. 

Articulating visually, verbally and through crafted prose, I demonstrate a genuine interest for people and why they do the things they do. Attempting to define and communicate the insights afforded by research, I am developing a sense of handling the complex challenges presented by human-centred design. Designing and taking responsibility for the needs of people, I explore the potential of listening and understanding; establishing that this inspires change. I am a prospective Design Researcher, collaborative thinker, and visual storyteller.

Tags: Collaborative Thinker, Data, Design Researcher, Design Thinking, Human Centred, Insights, Listening, Storytelling, Tell Tales, Understanding, Visual Storyteller

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