Erin Roseanne McNamara

Three Dimensional Design

My practice focuses on creating a connection between the object and a user’s conscience. I am interested in how we, as individuals project our emotions and memories onto and into the objects we encounter and own. Glass is the premise for which my design follows to suit the particular piece I have created. The unique iridescent colour combinations produced when fusing glass together, leaves you with a multi-layered enchanting form.

The unyielding surface of the fused glass is permeated with shapes, lines and colour variations which prior to going through the fusing process were separate pieces, have now progressed into one dynamic sheet of movement. The colourful circular centre’s draw the viewer in, enticing them to lose themselves in reflective thought within the waves of illusive colour; a looking glass into the past.

Tags: Abstract, Colour, Emotion, Fusing, Glass, Individualism, Light, Memory, Object, Sculpture

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