Eve Malam

Textiles in Practice

I am a knitwear designer specialising in womenswear, who explores the connection between people and places.

Focusing on recording my walks and journeys in a variety of urban environments, I observe the everyday and mundane, things which are often overlooked. By producing narrative and symbols from my observations I create inventive pieces for the body.

My final outfit has been inspired by my walks through the streets of New York City drawing on the ubiquitous and exposed white and yellow road markings, and the less obvious, partly concealed tape which held a family photograph to the inside of police officer's hat. The yellow cords, which allow movement within the knit, reflect the overlap of my routes.

Following my degree, I am embarking on a summer internship with Julien Macdonald in London. My future aspirations are to continue to be inspired by everyday details, producing knitwear designs which reflect and encapsulate my immediate environment, whichever part of the world I find myself in.

Tags: Everyday, Journey, Knit, Knitwear, Observations, Symbols, Womenswear

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