Freda Wilken

Fine Art

I am a Fine Art sculptor and time-based media artist. A Feminist approach to motherhood is the anchor point in my studies and seeks to infuse concepts such as the violation of the body and fertility in the work. I often use fabric, knitting and sewing combined with contrasting materials and processes such as concrete, plaster, metal and sand that carries metaphors and symbolises the hard impact of chemicals, environmental toxins and pharmaceuticals on our health.  I also use latex, silicon and leather to give a bodily sense to the work, the female body is evidenced as a dysfunction, it projects a sense of its fallibility. The work collapses, leaks and spills, the surfaces are invaded which eagerly communicates a set of personal experiences, and through the handling and transformation of the materials, the viewer is provided with a point of entry to the themes of my practise.

Tags: Cement, Chemicals, Digital Fabric Print, Environmental Concerns, Fabric, Feminine Health, Feminism, Glass, Ink, Installation, Journey Of Reconstruction, Latex, Leather, Metal, Motherhood, Painting, Sand, Sculpture, Short Films, Silicon, The Female Body, The Violation Of The Body, Time-based Media, Tubing, Visceral, Wool

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