Gabriella Rhodes

Three Dimensional Design

Quiet Spaces

I am a ceramic artist currently living and working in Manchester. Through personally experiencing the meditative and therapeutic qualities of the coastline, I am interested in creating objects that reflect these quiet spaces. By using clay, a material that comes from the ground, along with slow, mindful processes, I hope to highlight the enriching relationship between nature, material and wellbeing.

This body of work is a collection of hand-built, ceramic pieces set to a short film with an accompanying soundscape. The pieces have either been smoke fired with site-specific materials like seaweed, seagrass and driftwood over a period of up to 24 hours, or fired in an electric kiln. In the kiln, soft and flowing glazes converge with volcanic and reactive ones to represent the meeting point between land and sea

Ceramics and film

Gabriella Rhodes


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Tags: Ceramics, Coastallandscapes, Connected, Handbuilt, Mindful, Stonware, Wellbeing

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