Georgia Kritioti

Master of Architecture MArch

The Jakarta-Bay maritime passenger terminal and waterfront regeneration, aims to act as a catalyst to Socioeconomic and Environmental challenges present, in the development of the North Jakarta Waterfront. An iconic passenger terminal and cultural centre, able to put Jakarta on the map of desirable ports-of-call while also facilitating the presence of the fishermen communities on the waterfront by providing them with alternative livelihoods and making their trade and culture, part of the waterfront experience. The waterfront regeneration combines places for recreation doubling as flood defences also enhancing biodiversity by becoming the green lung of the city. The identity of the TOPOS is reinforced by engaging traditional TYPOS like the pitched and hyperbolic shapes of traditional roofs as well as triangular shapes from Indonesian Batik patterns. The terminal utilises where possible, local renewable components for TECTONICS like bamboo and timber and incorporates flexible spaces to best suit users’ needs over time

Tags: Cultural, Gateaway, Hyperbolic, Indonesia, Joy, Maritime Architecture, Metal, Passengers, Reflections, Terminal, Timber, Topos, Traditional, Urban Regeneration, Waterfront

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