Hannah Coates

Textiles in Practice

My practice involves combining screen print and embroidery techniques to create fabric for interiors. Through the juxtaposition of a sensitive colour palette with controlled, detailed drawing, my prints reimagine nature for a contemporary audience. Bringing a fresh take on the traditional form of embroidery, I use the Irish and Bernina to create designs to compliment my prints driven by an interest in tactility and fabric manipulation.

This project was inspired by explorer Marianne North, a remarkable woman who resisted the Victorian social norms as she travelled alone across the globe. Reinterpreting her recollection of ‘great parasitic trees stood like tall chimneys of lattice work’, my prints echo the sense of paradise and marvel felt by North discovering new worlds. Telling the story of this woman’s travels through fabric and textile techniques alludes notions of irony as it was these traditional, stereotypically ‘feminine’ pastimes that she rebelled against.

Tags: Design, Detail, Drawing, Embroidery, Interiors, Screen Print

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