Harriet Jones

Three Dimensional Design

I am a ceramic artist who explores conceptual themes and narratives through clay.

After much time spent observing the sublime nature of clouds, I wanted to somehow capture these impossible objects floating in the sky. Wanting to convey this element of naivety and surrealism, I looked to childhood drawings of clouds as a basis for this.

The tangible outcome is a series of hand built ceramic objects, including a frame, that allows the user to create and capture a snapshot of their own new landscape. These objects can be arranged in endless combinations, as playfully as the user wishes, resulting in the creation of a new romanticised reflection of the ever changing landscape above.

Tags: Arrangement, Ceramics, Clouds, Composition, Conceptual, Contemplation, Extrusion, Handbuilt, Naive, Narrative, Objects, Porcelain, Sculpture, Sublime

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