Harriet Shooter-Redfearn

Three Dimensional Design

London Road Fire Station in Manchester, a building in a transient state. Caught between a former thriving community of firemen and their families, and its long-awaited redevelopment. The building has been empty for over three decades, yet traces of those who lived there still remain. As part of the London Road Project; which aims to preserve the history of the fire station, I was able to seek out these traces. Beneath peeling wallpaper, a series of handwritten signatures were uncovered around the building. These traces, signed in pencil, will be lost once London Road Fire Station undergoes its regeneration. Through my work, I commemorate these signatures, and in turn capture a fragment of Manchester’s history.

Tags: Brass, Casting, Craft, Glass, Heritage, History, Investment Casting, London Road Fire Station, London Road Project, Manchester, Metal, Mixed Media, Pewter, Sandcasting, Sculpture, Signature, Silver, Slumping, The London Road Project, Trace

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