Hazel Sherwin

Textiles in Practice

I am a surface pattern designer specialising in repeat prints for the interiors market.

Throughout the year I have explored the concept of bespoke wallpapers designed specifically for the luxury market. These wallpapers typically include elements of design that differentiate themselves from papers produced en masse by making use of stitch, fabric and relief work in a way that would not be typically be commercially viable. This gives a feeling of extravagance to an area of interior design that can often be seen as mundane.

Exploring the trend for tropical interiors, my final project takes inspiration from the painting ‘Diana and her Nymphs’ by Robert Burns. My designs were initially hand drawn but were then digitally traced and printed, enhanced later by the application of laser cut and screen printed elements.

Following on from my degree, I will build upon my knowledge of commercial wallpaper design and production through placements and work experience.

Shortlisted for the 2017 I-Dott Wallpaper Competition


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