Johnny Humes

Fine Art

In creating reproductions of famous masterpieces, I delve into the power of status and structure of established heritage. By using this dominance to mask my own identity I am gifted the freedom to articulate my own relationship with art practice and fully involve myself in the organic performance and its cruciality, embracing ambivalence in the hopes it can be used to my advantage.

The specific works I have chosen to replicate encapsulate those elements of the human experience that I find so alluring: birth, growth, conflict, instincts, emotionality, mortality. I would describe my paintings as expressions of consciousness.

By relying entirely on the cathartic principles of art production I intend to determine the nature of arts essence, re-evaluate the logic that sustains art practice and its validity, and recognise my own position within the sphere of art.

Tags: Oil, Painting, Performance, Reconstruction

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