Laura Toth

Architecture BA

The Museum of Light and Colours 

 In the past decades colour and light played an important role in architecture. The impression of light/colour and the message it communicate is of greatest importance in creating the psychological mood or ambiance that supports the function of a space.

 The most common mental disorders in the Great Britain are depression and anxiety, a quarter of British people experiencing it in the curse of a year. The building design is hence created around the Light Therapy Strategy, the orientation, mass/void, programme, shape. Furthermore, the facade has translucent concrete panels with led underneath, illuminating and animating the building, contributing to the wellbeing of people from the surrounding. 

 The design process, is an algorithm, drawing, sketching, model making being the bed of testing parameters, to fit society needs, to coexist with the surrounding, and to consider the sustainable environment of it.

Tags: Architecture, Environmental Design, Light Therapy, Model Making, Photoshop, Qed Atelier, Revit, Rhinoceros, Translucent Concrete

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