Lissy Hatfield

Textiles in Practice

I am a mixed media knit designer, specialising in interior and installation contexts. Using unconventional materials, I question the traditional concepts of knit as a fashion medium. Laser cutting three dimensional materials such as Perspex has been a key aspect of my practice, allowing me to introduce structure and hard and soft textures to my work. My aim is to create work that interacts with its surroundings and audience, therefore I primarily use monofilament to knit with as it adds transparent qualities to my samples, letting light through. Artificial and natural light plays a big part in my work, focusing on the shadows and structures created when the knits are illuminated. In this project, I have been inspired by electric light and deep sea creatures who live in ‘The Midnight Zone’; the darkest regions of the ocean, mimicking their forms and iridescent glow. I hope to study an MA in the future, furthering my practice by exploring the use of lights in textiles and smart technology.

Tags: 3d, Installation, Interior, Knit, Laser Cutting, Light, Mixed Media, Perspex, Reflections, Window Display

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