Natalie Seels

Textiles in Practice

I am a printed textiles designer who enjoys combining drawing with digital and screen printing processes. I get most of my inspiration from natural forms and enjoy representing these through a variety of drawing.

My project ‘Oriental Ink Garden’ is a collection of digital wallpapers and screen printed fabrics. The project has focused on taking a more contemporary take on oriental 18th Century ink paintings and chinoiserie. I have been particularly drawn to the symbolism within Chinese culture, which has informed my visual research and drawing. Using quink ink to draw the structure and leaves of the plants, I have created a contrast against the detailed and colourful flowers, birds and insects in my designs. 

After graduation, my aspirations are to work and gain experience in the print design industry in order to develop my practice further and gain new skills.

Tags: Digital Design, Nature, Painting, Print Design, Repeat Design, Screen Print, Textiles, Wallpaper

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