Neal Menhinick

Graphic Design

This project explores new ways to interact with augmented reality content, through wearable technology. The project consists of 3 main parts; the brand, the glasses and the user interface. Claritics is a brand of eyewear aimed towards the modern man or woman. Branding elements remain consistent throughout the other aspects of the project, for example, the rounded arrow features on the logo as well as the glasses, and is an important element of the user interface. The glasses have been designed to be fashionable and attractive, unlike other headsets, which are often clunky. Claritics eyewear is filled with technological features such as bone conduction and EEG sensors which can be used for effortless interaction with the interface. The interface comprises of dynamic rounded arrows, which can be used for navigation and interaction. Alongside this I have developed an app that helps you take care of your household plants. It does this by augmenting an emoji onto the plant - sensors in the plant pot can communicate with Claritics eyewear. Once wearing the glasses you can glance at the pot, and see how happy your plant is!

Tags: 3d, Ar, Branding, Design, Graphics, Motion, Product, Vide, Vr

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