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My name is Rowan Thorp and I’m an illustrator animator interested in character design & visual development.

In my final year I worked as producer, colourist and animator on the 9 minute 2d animated film ‘John Don’t Know Nothin!’. It follows a classic sitcom actor as he is forced to question his identity upon entering the taxi of a mysterious stranger. 

My current major personal project is called 'Vito, a Frog', originally a short animation pitch, has now developed into an illustrated childrens book. Also, in my own time, I enjoy drawing comics, contributing art to magazines/zines, creating motion graphics and writing my own scripts for future shorts.

I love to get involved with the wider art community and hope to continue to do this after graduation.

Tags: Animation, Character Design, Childrens Book, Comics, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Visual Development, Zine

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