Samuel Ellis

Three Dimensional Design

Circadian Rhythm Collection Bedside Tables.

(Limited Edition) 21st Century Modern Japanese Furniture.

A series of Modern Japanese Funiture designed an made by Samuel Tristan Ellis which captures different use of hardwoods and metals. Influenced by Japanese Philosophies and Aesthetics with an individual twist.


Material: American Walnut Hardwood. Veneer Walnut Back. Glass Sides With Metal Drawer Box. The Frontal Drawer Is MDF Spray Painted White Or Matt Anthracite. Stainless Steel Powder Coated Black Or Orange Legs.

Elegantly simple Japanese Bedside Tables with an Modern Twist. The detail of the end grain is influenced by Ishidatami Japanese Pattern. The functionality is solid, smooth and the minimalist features have the ability to change the emotions of your interior. Inspired by Japanese Philosophies and Aesthetics. Modern, handless push-to-open with generous drawer space. Unique, quality and bespoke Dark Walnut Hardwood individually selected.

Individualize Furniture Design By Samuel Tristan Ellis.

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