Yasmin Clarke

Interior Design

Between land and sea, a water experience to enhance wellbeing in a nurturing environment using ancient hydrotherapy ideologies and a cohesion of rituals to align mind and body with the natural elements, offering a means to counter symptoms of depression.

The design is focused on creating spaces that are a joy to be in, evoking a welcoming sense of place where people can thrive. Small reveals lead to framed views of the surrounding environment accompanying thoughtfully designed spaces, allowing us to appreciate and consider the bigger picture of design and architecture and its environmental and social impact.

Overall, Tidal is an experience that unifies a piece of history with the defining sea and landmass and attempts to soften and dissolve the sense of boundary between the two.

Tags: Environmental Design, Experiential, Function, Interior Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, Light, Longevity, Mass, Object, Ritual, Volume, Wellbeing

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