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Albena Atanassova

Architecture is a facilitator of economic growth; it is a sensual experience that can change people’s perspective on the challenges, opportunities, interpretations, shortcomings and failures of contemporary cities and deliver an impact beyond it’s daily use. In light of pressing socio-economic conditions which demand OTHER ways of engagement and transformation in the way we think about, and practice, architecture, my work aims at a creative ingenuity in the details combined with efficient design solutions within the urban landscape. During the course of my degree I have been involved in a variety of international placements, whilst as a Research Assistant at the university, I engaged with the organisation of a number of univertisty workshops and lectures, along with my involvement with the RIBA, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and RIBA North West which helped me build diverse and interesting relationships. I also sit on RIBA Council as a student representative.

Tags: Architecture, Diversity, Engagement, Future Cities, Impact, Interaction, Learning, Manchester, Masterplanning, Open Source, Research, Riba, Sustainability, Urbanism

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