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Alexandra Taylor

The honeybee works hard. On average she will visit and pollinate up to 5,000 flowers a day. Yet in her lifetime will produce only one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey. Imagine how much work went into the making of the honey you spread on your toast in the morning. Bees are vitally important. They pollinate around one third of what we eat, so many fruits, vegetables and flowers. However, it is often the case that people fear bees and some are even unaware of their importance. Bees are under threat and vulnerable due to a disease called Colony Collapse Disorder. Global warming, pesticides, habitat loss and parasites are all factors of their decline.  The space I have designed aims to promote beekeeping and the planting of rich in pollen plants in order to feed and replenish the bee population. It also educates about their importance and teaches honey and wax extraction and production processes. Balcony Bees is a starter kit I designed for city dwellers who are interested in beekeeping. It consists of a beehive, a pocket for plants and a segment for hive tools. I worked on branding and looked at it in context with my scheme design placing it in a retail space.

Tags: Bees

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