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Alison White

My body of work explores the relationship between humans and the animals, embodying and exploring the potentials between the two forms. I have used animals as a metaphor to articulate and explore the human condition, gradually peeling away the layers unravelling our primitive animal instincts that lurk beneath the surface. Not only does my work touch upon human struggles and difficult situations we can sometimes find ourselves in, it also highlights the human tendency towards cruelty and lack of empathy for animals.

I have investigated ways of exploring the boundaries between opposing characteristics; masculine v feminine, fantasy v reality, inside v outside, alienation v inclusion, and considered ways of eroding these differences. My work addresses the balance of man and animal and is about striking a balance between the two as I explore ways of diluting the differences, inviting the possibility of duality.

Tags: Anthropomorphic, Drawing, Hybrid, Metamorphosis.

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