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Alix Dessain

As a society we are exposed to huge amounts of information and I seek to understand a small proportion of this material. Within my work I explore the concept of data visualisation to create a range of visual outcomes.

Through looking at travel networks and movement, I manipulate the figures and timings to create interior textile pieces. By turning the raw data into tactile and informative pieces, a further layer of meaning is added. Working to a set of rules dictates how the work will develop whilst still ensuring colour, shape and pattern play an important role.

I predominantly use hand embroidery combined with a variety of substrates to create the work. As a result of combining embroidery with unexpected substrates, I feel a greater sensitivity towards the materials that allows the process of stitch to be perceived in an innovative manner.  

Tags: Data Visualisation, Embroidery, Stitch, Textiles, Wood

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