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Anna Columbine

"The visual slickness, conceptual logic, and other-worldly dimension the Internet inhabits is seductive"

-B. Earhart.

My practice is art-based, concerning ideas surrounding changing methods of communication and technology.

Of particular interest is theorists/writers Victor Burgin and Paul Virilio, and their ideas regarding the transition in priority from that of surface to interface; a focus what is inside the computer screen rather than what is outside in our environment.

My practice explores the relationship and contrast between these two ideas, exploring spaces, places and in/tangible structures. I work accross different disciplines such as fine art, textiles and photography.

In my most recent work, I have been exploring the potential of lead. I initially experimented with this because of its signal stopping capabilities. Lead is intriguing with regards to its material properties such as it's flexibility, weight and surface quality.

'A dense intangible space, a transmission, a wireless environment; withdrawn from the atmosphere, tangible and tactile, representing the space in between the real and virtual'.

Creating work that is otherworldly, glossy and seductive: surfaces, images  and ideas that are representative of what we look for within our interfaces.

Tags: Analogue, Digital, Installation, Photography, Sculpture, Space

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