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Auguste Juozapaviciute

My building is a heterotopia that overcomes the concepts of death and social inequality by celebrating the infinite relevance of health, creating a platform for a dialogue and interaction between people in a setting of a cleansing ritual. Three overlapping circulation routes of terminally ill, homeless and public shape the spaces by informing the experiential journey of coexisting realities.

Tags: 3rd Year, Architecture, Artlantis, Auguste, Auguste Juozapaviciute, Autocad, Coexistence, Coexistence In Theory, Dan, Daniel Farshi, Detail, Epolito, Farshi, George, George Epolito, Hand Drawing, Hospital, Juozapaviciute, Medical, Model Making, Msa, Part 1, Photoshop, Portfolio, Sketchup, Spa, Student, Technology, Theory

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