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Ben Copping

This idea that a photographs destiny is to be shot, developed then printed, with that being its only journey, is the thing I enjoy challenging and commenting on the most. My work aims to display that an images lifespan doesn't just stop after that and creatively, you really can do more with images that have already been considered to be acomplished and presented as final.

Questioning the value of art, utilizing modern digital appropriation techniques, considering personal owenrship, plagirism and exploring themes of satire, the media and desire, as well as challenging traditional presenation formats that we also think of in the context of a gallery space, I aim to make a point. That being that photography really can be re-posessed and recycled into something better, without any negative stigmatisation or the need to personally activate any sort of shutter.

Im not convinced I really know my way around a camera, but I like to think that know my way around a photograph.

Tags: Candid, Celebrity, Collage, Dogs, Fashion, Flyposter, Folding, Gender, Girls, Humour, Largescale, Magazines, Material, Media, Overlaying, Paparazzi, Photography, Poster, Queer, Satire, Scanning, Slides, Stains, Wallpaper

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