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Benjamin Elford

In a world where resources are depleting, a new method of production is rising - additive manufacturing.

Situated on Greenwich Peninsula, London, my project is the creation of a hybrid building for the advancement of such technology and uses London's need for increased local production and innovation in digital technology as a catalyst for the development of both my design and programme.

The building comprises a factory used for large scale additive manufacture, coupled with a recyling plant for local material recovery. Labs are provided to develop new materials and technology applicable to additive manufacture. Offices afford new technology companies the sapce to take advantage of these new on-site facilities, and finally a public exhibit allows the public direct access to the innovations being produced such that a greater awareness for the need to improve our production powers is generated, and future generations inspired...

Tags: Architecture, Design, Greenwich, London, March, Masterplan, Msa, Qed, Urban

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