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Bethany Smith

As a creative practitioner specialising in Woven design I have always been drawn to the hidden qualities and beauty present in decay.  I have spent my final year exploring this concept and gathering photographs from local ruins and hidden examples of decay. Using these and combining various techniques I have created a body of art work and a varied collection of woven samples.

Within this project i took part in a live brief set by dash & miller. The brief included choosing one of their clients and tailering our project to fit there needs. There upon I was selected from the group to join them for a 2 month placement beginning in December.

I am currently looking to gain more experience within the textile industry with an ultimate goal of creating my own business. My samples are designed and predominantly aimed at the interior and soft furnishing market.

Tags: Decay, Design, Jaquard, Sampling, Texture, Weave, Yarn

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