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Caroline Beatty

If buildings are designed mindfully playing with light, nature, form and natural movement, it can invoke feelings of happiness, freedom, peace and intuition. 

Design can heal patients and eliminate mental illness.For me the design is all about the phychology. I believe In designing for the well-being of the people who inhabit and move around the space. It is very much about how one might feel within the space that captures me,  making people feel like they’ve truly experienced something beautiful. That possibly they have been changed by the experience, helped in someway and that coming into the space has all been worth it. I want to capture the emotions of the visitors, silently, for even a moment. Throughout all of my development I began to realise that simple shapes allow room for light and wilderness speak through the building.

What I love about nature within a space, is that the forms are unpredictable, but they touch a part of a person's soul that no straight line ever could.

Tags: Caroline Beatty, Interior Design, Light, Movement, Nature

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