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Charlotte Rebecca Sleigh

I have taken my inspiration from Stately homes and gardens; I photograph the natural elements like flowers and wildlife to capture the tranquillity and beauty. I translate these photographs into drawings using mediums such as, fine liners and watercolour pencils.

 I would describe my practice as digital print; I enjoy manipulating and experimenting with my drawings in Photoshop and Illustrator.  I then print my work onto vinyl to create large scale wall art stickers.

I truly believe that art is beneficial to our health. My work is aimed at healthcare environments like hospitals and doctors surgeries; I aim to transfer an element of the tranquillity and beauty of nature into healthcare interiors to improve the atmosphere.  

Alongside creating artwork for healthcare environments I create greetings cards with my detailed illustrations.

Tags: Arts For Health, Digital, Escapsim, Greetings Cards, Hand Drawn, Nature, Vinyl Stickers

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