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Charlotte Yates

These selected designs from my latest body of work stemmed from an initial interest in the colour, pattern and texture found within the sea. After research, inspiration shifted towards the bleaching and destruction of the coral reefs due to global warming and other ecological issues. This change influenced the colour transition, which features strongly and has been a key aspect of many designs within the collection.My works is often driven by underlying narratives, which aren’t always, clear to the viewer without an explanation.
I am very much focused on composition and not over complicating designs creating minimalistic contemporary prints aimed towards the high-end interior market.I work with alternative drawing techniques such as mark making, dying, resist methods and screen printing to create artwork. I use Photoshop to enhance and edit artwork creating digital prints that can be applied to a range of interior surfaces.

Tags: Contemporary, Design, Digital Print, Interiors, Narrative, Print, Screen Print, Surface

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