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Christina Hesford

I am a hand weaver focusing on woven artwork for galleries, public, and private spaces, with a particular interest in the traces of humanity’s passage on earth. Within this, I have recently been exploring broken objects, such as ceramics and textiles, with specific reference to the Japanese repair aesthetic of ‘kintsukuroi’: the art of repairing broken pottery with gold and silver lacquer and the understanding that the object is more beautiful for having been broken.

By appropriating this concept, I have developed a ‘puncture and repair’ drawing process which has inspired intricate woven outcomes. Further ‘breaking down’ of material surfaces has led to the use of brushing as a finishing process, in order to change the tactile qualities, and consequent emotional associations, of hand-woven cloth. Additionally, I have begun to use my weaving as a form of intervention in landscape and hope to explore this further in my future practice. 

Tags: Art, Brushed, Colour, Concept, Dyed, Intervention, Neutral, Organic, Paper, Public Art, Silk, Textiles, Weave, Weaving, Woven

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