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Christina Lipcheva


The project aims to preserve and develop place
identity by expressing the integration of artefact and
novelty in materials and technology on both physical
and programmatic level. Materials and technology
are essential in preserving and developing the
identity of a place - they are the physical, visual, most
direct, instantaneous translation of the meaning
of identity in an urban territory. However, in their
common architectural meaning they are also inert
and passive - a sensory presence, an environment
or building elements which is simply a backdrop
for human activities. There is another relationship
between people and materials and technology
that also preserves and develops place identity. It
happens under the conditions when materials and
technology become an activity.

Textiles are a part of Manchester’s industrial
history and although the city is not anymore a
“cottonpolis” textiles are still present in its industry
and in its traditions and crafts. During the Industrial
Revolution, textiles were a novelty, in the technology
of their production. Manchester was the birthplace of
the novel methods in fabricating, dying, processing
textiles. Today, we are in the dawn of a Third Industrial
revolution of 3D printing that presents textiles as a
different kind of novelty and translates their artefact
traditions in novel materials and technology.

Tags: 3d Printing, Continuity In Architecture, Continuitymsa, Factory, Manchester School Of Architecture, Stairway To Heaven, Third Industrial Revolution

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