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Claire Florey-Hitchcox

My work focuses on the detail of intricate hand-carved woodblocks and the timeless quality of traditional print methods.  I have produced a set of hand-printed wallpaper samples using the Columbian printing press.

I have taken the inspiration for these carvings from the idea of collecting and arranging possessions.  The eclectic assortment of objects that I have found and the way I have brought them together has derived from my fascination with the early cabinets of curiosity. 

Technology seems to be moving so fast; I wanted to take a step back and slow down to appreciate each part of the making process.  Each print is slightly different and the quirks and imperfections that happen along the way are all part of it. 

Beyond university I will set up my own practice and will be printing wallpaper from my hand-carved woodblocks; I will also be exploring different imagery and design possibilities.

Tags: Hand Carving, Interior, Print, Wallpaper, Wood, Woodblock

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