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Danielle Higman

My paintings explore my own relationships with people I know and love.  I like to look at things that many choose to look away from such as death.  I am drawn to sadness, discomfort and unpleasant things, they don’t make me happy they just interest me and this is why I paint what I paint.  The ‘unfinished’ look the paintings have gives a sense of impermanence- that nothing last forever.  As I have painted my father this saddens me to think of what my life would be like after he has gone.  It is sort of a taboo subject that people generally don’t enjoy talking about, but as I am a very practical person I see it as a must.  Painting people close to me suspends them in time forever.  It is this sentimental value that I like about my paintings; making a person into a valued object that can be kept forever.

Tags: Acrylic, Art, Brush Strokes, Colour, Face, Fine Art, Impermanence, Life And Death, Loose, Male, Painting, Personal, Portrait, Portraiture

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