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David Hodge

In the past couple of years after the recession the area of Greater Manchester has undergone a huge redevelopment with areas like Salford quays housing the new home for the BBC, endless new apartment complexes being build in the Castlefield and Deansgate area and more and more projects still starting up around the whole county. Still surprisingly at this time of massive growth there are some small pockets of land within the city that have been left untouched, these unused areas have been left and abandoned for nature to take over, some of them are left open for everyone to see and some are hidden away behind temporary walls to disguise their presence.

“Wastelands” is a project in which I visit these many different pockets of land around the city of Manchester and show them in a different light to what many people see them as. Culminating in a book, this project shows these areas that have been left to natures hand to have some beauty within them and can be enjoyed rather than seen as eyesores.

Tags: Cityscape, Landscape, Wasteland

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