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Dina Bouguenna

My interest first kindled through out my last summer break where I started an online shop selling clothing for modest women. My aim was to bring back innocent beauty and help women to change their vision of beauty that the media distorted.

Veils and scarves are what I sold mostly online because I believed this was a symbol of modesty; thus, I ws inspired to carry this theme on through out my final university project and create a space not only virtually but in reality.

I began to play with the idea of veils and modesty and used this theme through out my building to control what to hide in certain elements of the space aswell as what to show. 

This lead to an instalation running through out the building where women can come in, relax aswell as create their own clothing and model them, making them feel in total control.

Tags: Architecture, Brown, Concrete, Interior Design, Interiors, Modesty, Organza, Silent Gliss, Wood

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