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Elena Partida

This outcome is composed of two hand drawn technical perspective drawings and another hand drawn panoramic view. The purpose of these drawings was to explore and develop the detail of the bar space within the Avila House building. 

The panoramic drawing acted as a development tool create a deeper understanding of the bar space where I explored elements such as materiality, lighting and details. The drawing provides a 360o view of the interior space from the centre of the room.

The longest section shows the full lenth of the bar, focusing on its U shape.

The shortest section shows tables within the bar space. These are bespoke and have been designed for two contrasting demographics, aiming to increse their interaction.

The detailed drawings above demostrate materiality of the staircase and its flush lighting, as well as the bar's skirting detail and the bespoke 'crates' inset into the bar.

Tags: Award, Degree Show 2014, Hand-drawn, Manchester School Of Arts, Perspective, Section, Visuals

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