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Elizabeth Cormack

My work is a riot of components that are discovered through improvisation with materials on canvas. This conjunction of colour and mediums liquefies itself into its overall state. The work itself is dependant on the process of the making. An image in the imagination is never viewed as the artwork itself as it stands at the end of the journey. I know what materials I intend on using, but the outcome is a goal, its not understood until it is made. I enjoy exploring different techniques and taking 'risks' within my paintings. Glitter has been one of the newest arrivals. I believe it all starts with a feeling -
My paintings are a reaction to my state of mind comprehending events, places, people, feelings, anything I had experienced during that time. Intuition plays a huge part in the process of making, which is just as important as the decisions I make throughout this. 

My impatient desire to create individual and personally expressive paintings impacts and clashes with the needs of the final image/painting. 

Tags: Abstract, Art &design, Canvas, Composition, Expressive, Fine Art, Materials, Mediums, Oil Painting, Process, Space, Technique

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